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Discover our all-inclusive tours!

Our tours are an excellent opportunity to explore Suriname in a fully organized manner. For several weeks you will accompany our experienced guides and explore the most special places in Suriname. From the moment you arrive to the moment you leave, you will be expertly guided, ensuring an unforgettable experience.

All-inclusive, even with the flight!

Our tours include the flight to Suriname, food and drinks and accommodation.

Assistance from arrival to departure

Our professional guides will accompany you from your arrival in Suriname until your departure.

Adapted to your preferences

Whether you want an adventurous tour or prefer something quiet, everything is possible!

Throughout Suriname

Our tours show you all the diverse and beautiful sides of Suriname, including the different cultures.

The available tours at a glance

Prices subject to changes by airlines.

Jungle Tour Suriname

Jungle Tour Suriname

Explore unspoilt Suriname: climb the Voltzberg, admire the Blanche Marie Falls, and discover Bigi Pan's bird paradise. Go back-to-basics in PingPe on the Suriname River. Book now for an unforgettable adventure!


Ontdek Suriname Plus

Discover Suriname Plus

Discover Paramaribo's colonial charm and enchanting interior during a special trip for older adventurers. Explore historic wooden houses, beautiful churches and lively markets. Enjoy lush nature, meet the Maroons and experience the past on old plantations.


Een interessant plekje in Zuid Amerika

An interesting place in South America

Explore the colorful streets of Paramaribo, discover breathtaking jungles and meet friendly locals during this adventurous trip. A mix of cultural discoveries, natural splendor and unforgettable adventures await you during this unforgettable trip to Suriname.


Op Avontuur in Suriname

On an Adventure in Suriname

Explore Suriname's multifaceted splendor on this captivating tour, from the historic wonders of Paramaribo to the untamed beauty of Fredberg and the enchanting wetlands of Bigi Pan.


Op stap in Suriname’s binnenland

Going out in Suriname's interior

Discover the enchanting jungle of Suriname, where lush rainforests and wide rivers meet. Lose yourself in a land steeped in exotic flora and fauna. Experience a unique mix of cultures and warm hospitality during your trip.


Natuurlijk Suriname

Of course Suriname

Explore Suriname in all its glory during this adventurous trip! Discover Paramaribo's charm, explore historic plantations, cruise rivers to local villages, climb majestic mountains and enjoy unforgettable nights under the stars.


Visit by appointment at the office or at your home in the Netherlands

For our tours we offer a free consultation appointment, at our office, or at your home, or via a video call!

Ronny, our founder and owner, is happy to visit you to give you personal advice about our tours and all possible variations. Of course, this is also possible at our office or via a video call. Contact us now for an appointment.

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We can (almost) always be found at the largest holiday fairs in the Netherlands and Belgium.

Performed together with Pieter Nijdam

All Suriname Tours has now merged with Suriname-Rondreizen.nl and works together with Pieter Nijdam to carry out the tours.

Whether you book via our website or via Suriname Rondreizen, you will experience the same fantastic experience through a strong collaboration between our team and Pieter Nijdam!

Or would you rather take a tour?

Jodensavanne Bustour

Jodensavanne Bus Tour

Discover the enchanting places of Suriname during this day trip from Paramaribo! Explore Redi Doti and the historic Jews' Savannah with its old...


Menimi Eco Resort

Menimi Eco Resort

Experience an unforgettable adventure in the Menimi holiday paradise, hidden in the lush jungle on the Upper Suriname River. Discover...


Tio Boto Boven Suriname Resort

Tio Boto Above Suriname Resort

Discover Suriname's hidden treasures at Tio Boto, an intimate eco-resort deep in the lush jungle. Experience the purity of nature in...


Santigron Tour 2-daagse

Santigron Tour 2 days

Explore vibrant Santigron and the enchanting jungle of Suriname during this multi-day tour. Discover the rich culture of the Maroons, ...