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On an Adventure in Suriname

19 days

Upcoming departure dates

10 Mei 2024 | 5 Juli 2024 | 17 Oktober 2024 | 15 Maart 2025

The tour in short

Discover Suriname in the blink of an eye: from the historic splendor of Paramaribo to the pristine jungle of Fredberg, and from the enchanting Bigi Pan to the colorful culture of the Saramaccans. Enjoy adventurous trips through nature, meet local communities and get to know a world full of birds, animals and impressive landscapes. A tour that requires a flexible mind, but promises a wealth of experiences for those who are ready for this unforgettable adventure.


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Program with photos

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1st Day: Paramaribo
Departure from Schiphol Amsterdam for the flight to Paramaribo. Upon arrival, the guide will be ready to take you to the Royal Breeze Hotel, where the first 2 nights have been reserved.

2nd Day: Commewijne Tour
We leave Leonsberg/Marine Trap at 9:00 am. We visit Fort Nieuw Amsterdam, a historic fort from the 17th century. Then we sail to the Rust en Werk plantation, explore the creek and visit the plantation, depending on the tide. Breakfast and lunch are included.

3rd Day: Paramaribo City Tour
A tour of the capital to get acquainted with the highlights such as Fort Zeelandia, the wooden Basilica, the Jewish Synagogue next to the Mosque, the independence square, the wreck of the German ship 'the Goslar', and the market with exotic fruit and vegetables. Overnight stay at Paramaribo Breeze Hotel. Breakfast and lunch are included.

4th Day: Fredberg
An adventurous day for nature lovers and adventurers. After a short planning and something to drink, you leave for the untouched jungle. Along the way, with a few stops, the journey takes about 4 hours on a fairly good road. Once you arrive at the base camp, you can swim and eat. Then you put on your jungle clothing and start the trek to the top of Fredberg, a 3 to 4 hour walk through the jungle. At the top you can enjoy the beautiful view, a shower and kitchen facilities for a good night's sleep. Admire the sunset and starry sky before going to sleep in this special place. All meals are included.


5th Day: Fredberg
Get out of the hammock early for a breathtaking sunrise over the jungle. Awakening the jungle with sounds of howler monkeys and colorful birds such as macaws. After a hearty breakfast, your guide will take you to the other side of the mountain in search of rare orange cocks-of-the-rock and various monkey species. Back at the base camp you can relax, enjoy an extensive lunch and undertake various activities such as fishing, boating or a nighttime animal spotting. The evening often ends around the campfire.

6th Day: Departure to Ping Pe from Fredberg
If you want more jungle adventure, you can head out again with your guide or enjoy swimming and sunbathing. After lunch you leave for Atjoni, where the canoe takes you to Jungle Resort Pingpe. Along the way you will see villages and daily life along the river. Arriving at Jungle Resort Pingpe you can swim, relax on the island and take a village walk to experience local life. In the evening you will learn more about Saramaccan culture and the next day's program. Breakfast, lunch and dinner are included.

7th Day: Jungle walk and evening trip by canoe
After breakfast you will take a jungle walk with your guide, learning about plants, animals and local customs. You discover the fields of villagers and their way of life. After lunch you will have time to relax and swim. In the evening you take a canoe trip, following the river, enjoying the silence or listening to the beautiful jungle sounds under the starry sky, depending on the weather. Breakfast, lunch and dinner are included.


8th Day: Tapawatra Sula & Saramaccan culture
After breakfast you will sail to the village of Asindohopo, home of the Granman on the Pikin Rio. Here you will take a village walk before heading to the beautiful Tapawatra Sula, a rapids where you can swim and enjoy the natural water massage. You can relax during a picnic lunch on one of the rocks in the sula. On the way back to the resort you will visit the Djumu health center with your guide, a central medical post for the area. In the evening, the locals invite you to a cultural evening full of song and dance. An early breakfast, lunch and dinner are included.

9th Day: Visit to primary school & climb Pineapple Mountain
Early departure by canoe to the village of Semoisi to visit the local primary school. Then back to Jungle Resort Pingpe for breakfast. Then by canoe to Djumu for a walk to the Ananasberg with beautiful views of the surroundings. Back at the resort you will have lunch and you can spend the afternoon at leisure. Breakfast, lunch and dinner are included.

10th Day: Jungle Resort Pingpe - Paramaribo
After breakfast by canoe to Atjoni, a trip of about 2.5 hours. Enjoy lunch on the boat or upon arrival in Atjoni, before traveling by bus to Paramaribo. Breakfast and lunch are included.

11th Day: Free day in Paramaribo
Enjoy a quiet day to recover from your adventures in the jungle. Breakfast is included.

12th Day: Visit to Peperpot Nature Park
Visit the Peperpot Nature Park, one of the oldest protected nature reserves in Suriname. Here you can enjoy the natural biodiversity, watch birds, and see different animal species, such as cats, monkeys and special insects. Breakfast and lunch are included.


13th Day: To Nieuw-Nickerie
After breakfast you leave Paramaribo for Nieuw-Nickerie, in the northwest of Suriname. Along the way you will visit historical places in the Saramacca and Coronie districts. You stop in Groningen, where the first Dutch farmers from the province of Groningen settled in 1845. You will then arrive in Boskamp, a fishing village, at 12:00. Here you will take a short walk and possibly visit a traditional fish smokehouse. After a light lunch you travel through Coronie, known for its coconuts, and visit the town of Wageningen. You will stay in the Regency hotel. Breakfast, lunch and dinner are included.

14th Day: Nickerie - Bigi Pan
After breakfast you will visit the market in Nickerie and optionally a rice processing company for an explanation of the rice treatment. Then, head to Akira jetty to explore the Bigi Pan wetland area. Lunch and check-in follow. The afternoon is free for kayaking, canoeing, fishing or relaxing. Around 4:30 PM there is a birding trip to see the returning birds. In the evening you can spot caimans. Breakfast, lunch and dinner are included.

15th Day: Bigi Pan
Early morning with coffee or tea on the balcony at 5:30 am to watch the birds leave their roost. Breakfast after returning from the bird tour. Then free time for activities or relaxation. Another birding trip around 4:30 PM to see the returning birds. Breakfast, lunch and dinner are included.

16th Day: Back to Paramaribo
After lunch you will leave Bigi Pan and return to Paramaribo. You arrive in Paramaribo around 6:00 PM. Breakfast and lunch are included.

17th Day: Free day in Paramaribo
You can spend this day according to your own wishes. Breakfast is included.

18th Day: Free and Transfer to Zanderij
Enjoy Paramaribo, buy souvenirs or relax by the pool. In the afternoon the bus will take you to the airport for the flight to the Netherlands. Breakfast is included.

19th Day: Back Home
Arrival at Schiphol, welcome home!

The journey on the map

View the map or open it to view the entire tour route in great detail! Subject to change.

Practical information

Please note that all tours are subject to weather conditions, including travel times and daily program or sequence.


  • Breakfast 17x, lunch 13x, dinner 9x
  • Airport transfer and, where necessary, for group relocation
  • simple lodges in certain places
  • Dutch travel guidance
  • All entrance fees, nature contribution and local taxes
  • all meals as indicated in the schedule
  • unlimited water during the trip and excursions
  • international flight to and from Suriname by KLM


If you are vegetarian/vegan or have other dietary restrictions, this will be taken into account if possible.


Alcoholic drinks, Insurance, Personal expenses, Tips, Suriname entrance fee of 33 euros

Packing list

Sunscreen, Daypack, Insect repellent, Light clothing, Surinamese money, Cap or headscarf, Slippers, Short-sleeved T-shirt, Long-sleeved T-shirt, Toiletries, Hiking boots / Mountaineering boots, Swimwear, Warm clothing, Flashlight, Valid passport, Raincoat, Ziplock bag, Sunglasses

Minimum group size (or with single supplement)


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