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Jaap Jan

We want to thank you for the fantastic trip! It has become a fantastic journey through you and has brought more if we could have dreamed in advance. Everything was arranged on time and neatly, the accommodations, transport, food and drink and everything according to agreement. It was an adventurous journey where our limits were pushed! Enjoyed in your beautiful nature and especially many dangers on the water in the middle of the jungle and swamps. Spotted many animals; among others. the tarantula, various snakes both on land and in the water, many birds, macaws, toucan, white heron, red ibis, vultures, bald eagle, cormorant, storks and flamingos. In addition, various types of monkeys, caimans and especially the giant turtles that lay eggs, dolphins, piranhas and last but not least an anaconda! Also a big compliment for the guides you selected for us! Because of their enthusiasm, there was an immediate click with our group and in addition to the great knowledge (especially from Jurgen and Winston) there was plenty of room for socializing! Our family and friends are now convinced that Suriname is a beautiful country and that if you arrange it well in advance you can see a lot in 2 weeks! And this is a compliment to you! You have arranged such a beautiful and unforgettable journey for us that if you ask, we will know an answer. THANKS again on behalf of the group of 10.


Multiple trips (in different years) done with All Suriname Tours. All trips are super cared for. Enough information in advance to be well prepared on the road. During the trips you will not miss out and you will be provided with enough interesting information about the area where you are. Suitable for young and 'old'! For example, I think it's great that they take guests' diets into account and that, for example, an air mattress was arranged instead of a hammock for a better night's sleep. Due to the care, the love for this profession and the country of the staff of All Suriname Tours, I like to go on a trip much more often !!


During my time in Suriname I went on several trips with All Suriname Tours. Was always top arranged and the guides were very enthusiastic. You also received a lot of information during the trips and beautiful photos were made. Look back on it with great pleasure! TOP!


Highly recommended to go with All Suriname Tours! They are super flexible and very reliable. Moreover, it was also very pleasant. This is how you come to see the most beautiful places in Suriname!


Trips at all suriname tours are definitely recommended! In addition to a wide range that is very flexible in terms of personal preference, the trips are also very well cared for. Organization is clear, transport in order, very high quality trip in terms of content, tasty meals and accommodation tip top! Certainly to consider if you want to discover a piece of Suriname!


I made two tours with you last year with great pleasure. One to Blanche Marie & Apoera and one to the Raleighvallen & Voltzberg. It was an ultimate experience to be able to experience nature there in all its beauty. On top of that, if you also experience that everything was arranged down to the last detail. Compliments to the management, the chefs, the expert guides and everything around it. Chapeau! See you all Suriname Tours.


Last year from August-December internship in Suriname. All tours and trips done with All Suriname tours. Everything super well arranged! And not regret 1 trip.


Trips were always arranged top! Really recommended!


I can only be positive about All Suriname tours !! We did all the trips we did during our 4 month internship with Ronny and occasionally Kenny also came along. What a great company and good cook !! The trips were very fun and educational. Really recommended !!


Super cozy and well organized. And of course great food :).


Dear All Suriname, The trips are very well organized. Keep it up. Odi

Celine and Wesley

In August we went with all Suriname tours to the Voltzberg-Blanche Marie-Avanavero and Pingpe. Both tours were arranged top. The guides were very enthusiastic and the cook Audrey was really super! We thought that Ronny went with us on the tour to the Voltzberg. All praise for you !! Greetings Celine and Wesley (the one who needed so much caffeine / paracetamol;))


I always look forward to your tours and photos. Good job and keep it up!

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