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Guyana (Kaieteur Falls)

Guyana (Kaieteur Falls)

Discover pristine Guyana and witness the majestic beauty of the largest single-drop waterfall in the world, the Kaieteur Falls, with...
Paramaribo Looptour

Paramaribo Walking Tour

Discover the UNESCO World Heritage Site of Paramaribo during our fascinating Walking Tour. Explore the historic city center, discover the enchanting stories...


Sunset & Dolphins Trip

Sunset & Dolphins Trip

Experience the magic of dolphins during our Sunset & Dolphins trip. An enchanting 3-hour experience in which you will enjoy meeting...


Luiaarden spotten in Paramaribo

Spotting sloths in Paramaribo

Discover the secrets of the jungle in the middle of Paramaribo with our Sloth Spotting tour. With special permission we offer unique excursions, ...


Paramaribo Fietstour

Paramaribo Bike Tour

Discover charming Paramaribo on the Citybike tour and cycle through the UNESCO World Heritage site of historic buildings, churches, synagogues, mosques...


Paramaribo Bustour

Paramaribo Bus Tour

Discover Paramaribo's rich history and modern splendor during our bus tour. Explore historical monuments such as Fort Zeelandia and contemporary...


Dolfijnen én Kaaimannen spotten!

Spot dolphins and Caymans!

Experience the thrill of dolphin spotting and caiman catching during our unique tour in Suriname. An adventurous trip from Leonsberg...


Peperpot Sunset Wildlife Tour

Pepperpot Sunset Wildlife Tour

Discover Peperpot Nature Park, a historic coffee and cocoa plantation transformed into a protected nature reserve in Suriname. Enjoy 270+...


Zeeschildpadden in Braamspunt

Sea turtles in Braamspunt

Experience the magic of nature at Braamspunt, an enchanting sand spit on the Suriname River. Sail from Leonsberg and discover the fascinating...




Discover the enchanting history of Frederiksdorp, an 18th-century coffee and cocoa plantation along the Commewijne River. This historic ...


Stuwmeer Kanotour

Reservoir Canoe Tour

Explore the breathtaking reservoir: a wonderland of hundreds of islands surrounded by crystal clear green water. Experience a feeling of ultimate...


Coropina Kayak Tour

Coropina Kayak Tour

Explore the tropical forest by kayak in an adventure full of natural beauty! Discover the Coropina creek during a 3-hour tour, spot monkeys, ...



Warappa Creek

Explore Commewijne's history and nature by boat! Discover Bakkie's museum, Alliance's architecture and the enchanting Warappa Creek. Enjoy ...


Brownsberg Dagtrip

Brownsberg Day Trip

Discover the Brownsberg nature park in just 1 day, an oasis of Surinamese rainforest beauty just a few hours from Paramaribo. Explore...


Jodensavanne Bustour

Jodensavanne Bus Tour

Discover the enchanting places of Suriname during this day trip from Paramaribo! Explore Redi Doti and the historic Jews' Savannah with its old...


Brokopondo Dagtour

Brokopondo Day Tour

Explore the flooded tropical rainforest on our Brokopondo tour. Discover jagged, petrified tree trunks floating above the water...


Frans-Guyana Dagtour

French Guiana Day Tour

Discover the rich heritage of French Guiana on our day tour from Paramaribo. Explore historic prison museums, enjoy French cuisine...


Vistocht Commewijne

Fishing trip Commewijne

Experience the ultimate fishing experience during our Fishing Trip Commewijne. A 6-9 hour adventure where you explore the beautiful nature of Suriname, ...


Quad & Zipline Avonturen

Quad & Zipline Adventures

Explore the breathtaking savannah area of Suriname with our adventurous ATV tour! First learn the ropes of riding an ATV and rip...


Jodensavanne Boottocht

Jodensavanne Boat Trip

Explore the historical and natural splendor of JodenSavanna, the first Jewish settlement in Suriname. Enjoy a scenic...


Stuwmeer Vistrip

Reservoir Fishing trip

Discover the magic of the Reservoir with our Reservoir Fishing Trip. Enjoy many hours of fishing on the beautiful waters of the Reservoir and catch the ...