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Our bus tour through Paramaribo takes you on an enchanting journey through the capital of Suriname. From Independence Square, explore historical gems such as Fort Zeelandia, the Presidential Palace and the Cornerhouse. Your expert guide will tell you fascinating stories about these monuments and take you to modern sights, including the Lahore Ahmadiyya Mosque next to the Neve Shalom Synagogue. The tour continues south, passing markets, working-class neighborhoods and historic sites such as the 1989 air disaster memorial. You drive north, through prosperous neighborhoods, and see, among other things, the house of one of the richest people in Suriname.


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During this tour we visit (among others) these main destinations.

Fort Zeelandia, Binnenstand Paramaribo, Presidential Palace


Day 1
Departing from an agreed location, our bus tour in Paramaribo starts with a walk past historical sites such as Fort Zeelandia, the Presidential Palace and Independence Square. Your guide will tell you about the rich history of these locations. During the tour you will also discover modern landmarks such as the Lahore Ahmadiyya Mosque next to the Neve Shalom Synagogue. The route then takes you south, past markets and working-class neighborhoods, and past memorial sites such as the 1989 air disaster memorial. Then the tour heads north, through affluent neighborhoods, including the home of one of the richest people passes in Suriname. A fascinating and varied journey through Paramaribo, reflecting the rich history and modern diversity of the city.

Practical information 

Please note that all multi-day tours and some day trips are subject to weather conditions, including travel times and daily program or sequence.

Packing list

Sunscreen, Daypack, Mosquito spray, Light clothing, Surinamese money


Transport, Snacks, Guide, Entrance


Alcoholic drinks, Insurance, Personal expenses


If you are vegetarian/vegan or have other dietary restrictions, this will be taken into account if possible.

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