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At Tio Boto, hidden in the Surinamese jungle, there is a cozy eco-resort. It is accessible by a 3.5-hour boat trip from Atjoni, along the Upper Suriname River, and has seven simple houses with single and double beds, equipped with mosquito nets. For those who want to be closer to nature, sleeping in a hammock is also an option. At Tio Boto you can immerse yourself in authenticity and enjoy its pure and untouched essence. The experience at Tio Boto includes basking in the sun, listening to the sounds of birds and swimming in the river with its clear, cool water. Adventurers can fish there and prepare their own food over a campfire!


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The days include forest walks, wild pineapple discoveries, boat trips to rapids, sunrise birdwatching and visits to local villages, museums and coffee tours. Optional activities range from swimming and caiman spotting to cultural evenings with traditional dances and workshops in the jungle, such as peanut pounding and gourd making. Return to Paramaribo full of memories of this fascinating and varied experience. Additionally, you can fish in special places in the jungle, take a ritual bath or attend workshops: peanut pounding or gourd workshop.


Day 1
In the morning you will depart from Center Paramaribo at the agreed time. We drive to Atjoni in approximately 3.5 hours and board a canoe there for a 3.5-hour boat trip. After arrival you can explore the resort and cool off in the river. After dinner and pleasant chat/games at the table, you will sleep in one of the wooden lodges with mosquito nets.
Day 2
After breakfast you will sail by canoe to Djumu. Accompanied by the guide, you will walk through the village and take an extensive forest walk. You will receive information about the flora and fauna around you. You can take a hike to the Pineapple Mountains in about two hours through the jungle. Wild pineapples still grow on the 219 meter high mountain (only visible in season). After the intensive walk, take a boat trip to the Tapawatra rapids, at the confluence of the Gran and Piking Rio.
Day 3
For guests who do the three-day tour, we take a boat trip on the river early in the morning (around half past six), where you can enjoy bird sounds with a delicious cup of coffee/tea. After breakfast we leave for Pikinslee where we visit to the Maroon Museum, after which we will return to Paramaribo. For guests who do the four-day tour, you can relax at the resort after breakfast. We leave by canoe to the village of Semoisi or Massiah where you will receive an extensive village visit. Depending From the activities on that day in the village you will get a good idea of the way of life, customs and traditions. In the afternoon you can swim in the river and visit a farming plot. In the evenings, with a bit of luck, you can go on the river spotting caimans.
Day 4
In the morning you leave at half past six for the coffee tour. You can enjoy coffee/tea in the boat while sailing and hear/see how early the local residents start their work along the river. You can also spot birds. After breakfast you can relax and then we leave by canoe to Pikinslee where we visit the Maroon Museum and then back by canoe and bus to Paramaribo.

Practical information 

Please note that all multi-day tours and some day trips are subject to weather conditions, including travel times and daily program or sequence.

Minimum group size


If there are fewer than the minimum number of people, in many cases you can simply join an existing group. You can also view scheduled tours via our Departure Schedule.

Packing list

Sunscreen, Day backpack, Insect repellent, Light clothing, Surinamese money, Swimwear, Short-sleeved T-shirt, Long-sleeved T-shirt, Hiking boots / Mountaineering boots, Cap or headscarf, Flashlight, Valid passport


Transport, Food and drinks, Snacks, Guide, Accommodation, Dinner, Breakfast, Lunch


4 days also possible for €355 per person | For a minimum of 8 people we also have a pleasant cultural evening with traditional dancing skills from the village women.


Alcoholic drinks, Insurance, Personal expenses, Non-alcoholic drinks


If you are vegetarian/vegan or have other dietary restrictions, this will be taken into account if possible.

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