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Danpaati River Lodge offers an idyllic stay on an island in the beautiful Surinamese rainforest. Here you can enjoy the unspoiled nature, learn about different cultures or simply relax in the hammocks along the beautiful Upper Suriname River. The lodge offers a unique holiday experience with various activities such as jungle tours, village walks with local guides, swimming and valuable contact with the local population. Culinary gourmets can enjoy healthy cuisine, while art lovers can enjoy traditional local art around the lodge.


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In addition to private cabanas, Danpaati River Lodge offers various facilities, including a cozy lounge, an attractive bar with a wide range of drinks and snacks, and a restaurant where breakfast, lunch, dinner and coffee/tea are included. Furthermore, there is the Danpaati River Store for authentic local souvenirs, relaxation spots on the island, cleaning and laundry services, and a wake-up call with coffee service.


Day 1
The journey to the lodge can be by land or air, but the exact travel time depends on weather conditions. By land, a drive of approximately three hours from Paramaribo, is followed by a three-hour canoe trip from Atjoni to the lodge. Along the way you will pass settlements, see children playing and possibly local animals such as kingfishers and birds of prey. Upon arrival you can immediately enjoy the resort!
Day 2
The remaining days offer an opportunity to fully enjoy the resort and its great amenities, such as the cozy lounge, the attractive bar with an extensive drink and snack selection, the restaurant (which includes breakfast, lunch, dinner and coffee/tea) , the Danpaati River store offering authentic, locally crafted souvenirs, island relaxation spots, and services such as cleaning & laundry, and a wake-up coffee service.

Practical information 

Please note that all multi-day tours and some day trips are subject to weather conditions, including travel times and daily program or sequence.

Packing list

Sunscreen, Daypack, Insect repellent, Light clothing, Surinamese money, Cap or headscarf, Slippers, Short-sleeved T-shirt, Long-sleeved T-shirt, Toiletries, Flashlight, Swimwear, Warm clothing, Raincoat


Transport, Food and drinks, Snacks, Guide, Entrance, Accommodation, Lunch, Breakfast, Dinner


Danpaati River Lodge offers holidays under the heading 'sustainable development', where your stay contributes to regional nature and economic development. The lodge supports care projects for the elderly and children, stimulates local economies by purchasing agricultural products, fish and meat, and facilitates the sale of souvenirs from woodworkers. Carpenters from nearby villages are regularly deployed for maintenance work.


Alcoholic drinks, Insurance, Personal expenses


If you are vegetarian/vegan or have other dietary restrictions, this will be taken into account if possible.


Danpaati River Lodge offers various cabana options: 10 double cabanas, 3 'Special occasions' cabanas and 1 more spacious multi-cabana. Each cabana has its own shower, toilet, electricity, a veranda with a view of the river or the forest, comfortable furniture and mosquito nets. The 'Special occasions' cabanas have queen size beds. The more spacious multi-cabana offers four single beds as standard with options for additional beds, ideal for groups or families.

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