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Galibi, a 4,000-hectare nature reserve on the Atlantic Ocean at the mouth of the Marowijne River in Suriname, is famous for its laying sea turtles. Here, pristine sea beaches meet Caribbean Indian villages, where fishing boats float past the vast coastal village. In addition to the turtles, which lay eggs above the high tide mark at night, Galibi is known for its traditional piaka canoes, wickerwork and fishing, while the tour also includes a visit to French Guinea, including a visit to the old penitentiary of Saint Laurent du Maroni.


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Enjoy the vast village along the beach with coconut palms, mango trees and traditional piaka canoes. This reserve is home to the world's second largest laying beach for three species of sea turtles: the Krape (green turtle), Aitkanti (leatherback turtle) and Warana (pygmy turtle). At night they come ashore to lay their eggs, depending on the tides. The tour also includes a visit to Saint Laurent du Maroni's historic penitentiary, with options for French-language tours.


During this tour we visit (among others) these main destinations.

French Guiana, Galibi Beach


Day 1
We leave by bus from Paramaribo via the Commewijne district to Albina, which forms the border with St. Laurent, French Guiana on the Marowijne River. During this route we pass the Wijdenbosch Bridge, where you have a beautiful view of the capital. Before we arrive in Albina, there will be a few stops to stretch our legs or use sanitary facilities. The bus also runs past the bauxite town of Moengo to Albina. From Albina we leave by boat north to Galibi. Myrysji Ecolodge is located in Christiaankondre with a beautiful view of the river. After check-in and room allocation, lunch will be ready for you. In the afternoon a village walk is on the program, during which you will get to know the indigenous people and their living habits. After dinner, our guide will inform you about the evening program, namely a night boat trip to the sea turtle laying beach. We sail by boat to this beach, called Baboensanti (laying season mid-February - end of July).
Day 2
After breakfast you will have time to visit the local souvenir shop. Then we check out and leave by boat back to Albina. On the way we make a stop on the French side of the river. In St. Laurent we take a short walk. You have the option of taking a self-guided tour of the local bagno (prison) museum where Papillon was imprisoned. After this we leave for Albina and enjoy lunch by the river, after which we return to Paramaribo.

Practical information 

Please note that all multi-day tours and some day trips are subject to weather conditions, including travel times and daily program or sequence.

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If there are fewer than the minimum number of people, in many cases you can simply join an existing group. You can also view scheduled tours via our Departure Schedule.

Packing list

Sunscreen, Daypack, Insect repellent, Light clothing, Surinamese money, Slippers, Short-sleeved T-shirt, Warm clothes, Toiletries, Swimwear


Transport, Food and drinks, Snacks, Guide, Accommodation, Lunch, Breakfast, Dinner

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Laying season February - July | No visa or similar is required to visit French Guinea


Alcoholic drinks, Insurance, Personal expenses


If you are vegetarian/vegan or have other dietary restrictions, this will be taken into account if possible.


The guest accommodation is located in the Indian village of Christiaankondre. During the walking tours you will get an insight into the daily culture of this friendly and proud community. The vast village extends for 2 kilometers along the beach, characterized by numerous coconut palms and mango trees.

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