Kabalebo Nature Resort - 4 Days

Kabalebo Nature Resort is a luxury lodge located in one of the most beautiful areas of Suriname. Deep in the pristine and malaria-free Amazon forest. Nature Resort Kabalebo is located in the beautiful rainforest of West Suriname. The Kabalebo Main Lodge is the most luxurious that you will find in Suriname. There are five different accommodations on the banks of the calming Kabalebo River. Before you come to our lodge, you can choose from an extensive program of activities. For example, you can explore the jungle with a guide, go kayaking on the river, enjoy the many animals and unique plants or relax in your hammock ...

Nature Resort Kabalebo is built around five accommodations, each with its own atmosphere and characteristic appearance. From luxury to adventurous, but all with the same quality.

Kabalebo Nature Resort is located in the unspoilt west of Suriname. This area is completely uninhabited, so one can rightly speak of an "untouched nature". In the area of many hundreds of kilometers you will find nothing but the flora and fauna of the beautiful Amazon rainforest. Where monkeys jump through the treetops while playing, colored pagagaai skim over your head and special fish quickly jump away in a deserted creek ... In addition to many special bird species, you will also be able to get acquainted with cats like the Jaguar, rare butterflies and many stunningly beautiful fish species. Together with your guide you can take hours of discovery tours. But even if you decide to stay in the area of the lodge, you can see many animals. In addition to exploring the surrounding area, observing beautiful birds and viewing the many animals in the rainforest, Nature Resort Kabala Forest also offers different activities.

Kabalebo 5-day tour USD 806

Kabalebo 8-day tour USD 1,130

  • kabalebo main lodge: The main lodge is located near the airstrip where you land. This main accommodation is equipped with every luxury such as a private bathroom, air-conditioned rooms and hot water.
  • uncle piet lodge: Uncle Piet Lodge is the second accommodation of Nature Resort Kabalebo and is located on the banks of the Kabalebo river. In this atmospheric wooden lodge you can relax in a hammock ...
  • boskamp: Boskamp is an accommodation for the adventurous traveler. You will not find the western luxury of KabaleboMain Lodge or the Uncle Piet Lodge here. However, that is more than made up for by the atmospheric environment and adventurous appearance.
  • river cabins: Our River Cabins are located along the banks of the beautiful Kabalebo river. Because of their location, they are more than suitable for the traveler who needs more privacy. Of course every cabin is equipped with the basic needs, such as its own bath and toilet with electricity connection.
  • inspiration point: Inspiration Point is the most luxurious accommodation of Kabalebo with a breathtaking view of the Misty Mountain. It is located on the airstrip next to an orchard, where you are surrounded by birds and animals. The lodge has 6 double rooms, all very tastefully decorated, each with its own bath, toilet, hot / cold water, fan, air conditioning, in front of and behind a balcony. Here you have your privacy where you can enjoy all the impressions.
  • pool: The pool is located next to the Inspiration Point and the airstrip with 12 sun beds, umbrellas and a bar overlooking the Misty Mountain.
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