Through All Suriname Tours, in collaboration with our partners, we also offer complete tours that show you (a large part of) Suriname! On this page you can get a good idea of the fantastic trips, and send a booking request to plan a trip.

Varied duration

Our tours last between 10 and 31 days, depending on your time schedule.


Our itineraries are based on your personal travel preferences.

Fully catered

From 1500 euros you already have a fully arranged tour.

Discover the local cultures

During your tour you can get acquainted with the warm and rich culture of Suriname, both in the capital Paramaribo and in the small villages outside the city and in the jungle.

Discover the Surinamese cuisine

There will be plenty of food: during your trip you will be served the diverse and complete cuisine from the Surinamese culture!

Get to know all Surinamese animals

You will encounter many beautiful and funny animals: from sloths and flamingos to the most beautiful birds and mischievous monkeys.

Enjoy nature, 24/7

Suriname has a fantastic and diverse nature, and during your tour you will be in constant contact with the forests, jungles and rivers of the country.

Take advantage of adventurous but safe transport

Depending on your tour, you will have the opportunity to discover Suriname in an adventurous way by boat, car or even by plane.

Enjoy adventurous and/or comfortable accommodation

Based on your preferences, we arrange suitable accommodation for your tour, ranging from luxury houses to camping in the jungle.

Are you ready to plan your tour?

Check out all our upcoming planned tours by clicking the button below or contact us for more information!

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