Round trip: Comfort Travel through Suriname

21 Days


Numerous highlights provide unforgettable moments during the trip. The capital Paramaribo with its colonial wooden buildings will amaze you. Impenetrable tropical rainforest, wide rivers, rice fields and wetland areas provide unforgettable moments during the trip. And then we haven't even mentioned the melting pot of cultures and the friendly inhabitants of this country. Of course you also speak the language of the country.

1st day: Thursday 13 October 2022 Paramaribo

Upon arrival at Zanderij, the international airport of Suriname, the guide is ready to accompany you to the hotel where the first nights have been reserved. The Jacana Wellness resort Commewijnestraat 35 Paramaribo

2nd day: Friday 14 October 2022 Paramaribo City Tour

To get used to the atmosphere, the environment and the climate, we start the tour with a city tour through the capital. Both on foot and by bus. The highlights such as Fort Zeelandia, the wooden Cathedral, the Jewish Synagogue next to the Mosque, the Independence Square and the market with its exotic fruits and vegetables are visited. The afternoon afterwards is free to spend. Overnight stay in Paramaribo
Today breakfast and lunch included

3e day : Saturday October 15, 2022 day off

A wonderful day to enjoy the Wellness resort and/or further explore the city. Breakfast included today.

4th day: Sunday October 16, 2022 Commewijne tour overnight Frederiksdorp

We take the bus to Leonsberg and sail with a primitive tent boat on the Suriname and Commewijne rivers. We visit the open-air museum Nieuw Amsterdam, the Rust en Werk plantation, the Margaretha plantation. At the place where the Suriname and Commewijne rivers meet, it is possible to spot dolphins. The trip ends in Frederiksdorp, an old police post that was founded in 1873 on the Frederiksdorp plantation, where nearly 110 Javanese and Hindu contract workers worked before there were about 200 slaves. Frederiksdorp has been expanded with beautiful cabanas and a swimming pool. Here we spend the night . Today breakfast, lunch and dinner are included.

5th day: Monday 17 October 2022 Frederiksdorp.

After breakfast, our guide will take you on a bike ride in an easterly direction to Plantage Kronenburg. You pass several old and sometimes overgrown plantations, locks and canals. The guide will tell you about the history and different cultures in the district. In the afternoon there is the possibility to take a boat trip in the wetland area, where you can see what the plantations looked like in the past and how the rice fields used to be. Today breakfast, lunch and dinner are included.

6th day: Tuesday, October 18, 2022 Mariënburg – Plantation de Peperpot

After breakfast you will be transferred to the Commewijne River where the van will be waiting for you. Then we go to Mariënburg, a former sugar factory, where we take a look. Then it continues to “De Plantage Peperpot”, an old coffee and cocoa plantation. Here you can stay in the old plantation house or in the former officers' residences that have been completely restored. In the evening, dinner is served here in an attractive restaurant. Today breakfast, lunch and dinner included.

7th day Wednesday, October 19, 2022 Peperpot Plantation – Paramaribo

After breakfast we take a walk on the Peperpot plantation, both over the Plantation and the forest behind it, where we find many different plants but also many birds. After lunch we leave again for Paramaribo where we take up residence again in the Jacana hotel
Today breakfast and lunch included.

8th day thursday 20 october 2022

Day off. Breakfast included today

9e day Friday, October 21, 2022 Departure to Anaula.

African Culture in the Bush Bush Anaula. Anaula is an island in the Suriname River. It is located in the Upper Suriname area about 170 km from Paramaribo and about an hour by boat from a departure point south of the Brokopondo reservoir. The island is a nature reserve but a small part is used as a resort. After breakfast we leave by bus to Atjoni where we change into a dugout canoe to take us to Anaula resort. We sail for approximately 50 minutes by motorized canoe to the comfortable Anaula Nature Resort, located at the foot of the Ferullasi Falls, where you will also spend the night. During this cruise we come across breathtaking nature and various Maroon villages. We also pass the turbulent Jaw-Jaw rapids. Check-in will take place after a light buffet lunch in our beautiful dining room. After this you have the opportunity to explore the resort. In the morning we sail by canoe to a nearby swimming facility, in the Ferullasi rapids, where we can relax, swim and enjoy a natural bubble bath. Today breakfast, lunch and dinner included

10th day Saturday 22 October 2022 Various activities

After breakfast we sail by canoe to the village of Nieuw-Aurora for a village walk. During the tour of the village you will get to know the local people and with their unique way of life and their traditional habits and customs. We visit the mission post, which includes a church, a primary school and a medical post. Around 4.30 pm we take a walk in the woods on the island, on which the resort is located. During this forest walk you will receive an explanation about the local medicinal use of plants. During the internal war in 1986 , Ronnie Brunswijk 's jungle commandos visited the island for their immortality rituals . The remains of these rituals on the island remind us of this unique piece of history. In the evenings you can enjoy a delicious dinner. After dinner we can enjoy a cultural dance performance. Traditional dances such as the Seketi, Awasa and Bandamba will be performed for us. Our guide will explain the content and meaning of these dances. Today breakfast, lunch and dinner included.

11th day: Sunday, October 23, 2022 Day off on Anaula

You can fill this day according to your own experience, the hammock camps are there for your convenience. A walk on the island is recommended, you can then quietly listen to the sounds of our island residents or relax above the water on a plateau. Reading a book at our beautiful pool under the gazebo is also not an unattractive idea. Today breakfast, lunch and dinner included.

Day 12: Monday October 24, 2022 Anaula Overbridge

You can fill in this morning entirely according to your own needs. After lunch we sail back to Atjoni, where the van will be waiting for you to take you to Overbridge resort. After this intensive day you can relax on the beach of the Overbridge River Resort. Here we also spend the night in the cabanas. Breakfast, lunch and dinner are included today.

13e day Tuesday, October 25, 2022 Jews Savanna and Redi Doti

This morning we prepare for the historic journey to the first Jewish settlement in Suriname, the Joden Savanna. Here you will find many old graves, each with its own story. We also visit the Indian village of Redi Doti. Then we return to Overbridge where we spend the night again. Today breakfast, lunch and dinner included

14e day Wednesday, October 26, 2022 Overbridge Paramaribo

After breakfast we leave for Lelydorp where we will visit the butterfly garden. As soon as you step into our tropical butterfly garden, you will find yourself in a magical fairytale forest. The natural living environment from which the beautiful Surinamese butterflies come has been imitated as much as possible and the result is at the same time soothing and enchanting. You walk on paths surrounded by greenery between the fragrant plants and flowers, along a babbling stream that plunges down the rocks in a waterfall, while you are surrounded by countless brightly colored butterflies that flutter happily around you. In our special mesh-surrounded tropical garden you can endlessly enjoy a wealth of scents and colors as only nature can offer. You will be able to observe the behavior and habits of the different finder species at your leisure and will undoubtedly gain a new appreciation for this beautiful and varied insect species. Today breakfast and lunch included.

15th day Thursday, October 27, 2022 Departure to the west of Suriname

You will leave Paramaribo at around 09:00 for the town of Nieuw-Nickerie, in the North-West of Suriname. The distance Paramaribo-Nickerie is about 240 km, but on the way you will visit some historical places in the districts Saramacca and Coronie. You will arrive at the Akira Overwater Resort around 5:30 PM. We make a short stop in the town of Groningen. At the end of 1845, the first Dutch farmers from the Province of Groningen settled in this town. In 1945 a monument was unveiled in Groningen to commemorate the presence of the “Boeroes” in Groningen. After which we continue on our way and arrive at noon in the fishing village Boskamp. Here we take a short walk and if possible visit one of the traditional fish smokehouses. After a light lunch, the journey continues and we pass Coronie, a district known for the many coconut parwa honey. Once arrived in Nickerie, we board the boat to Bigi Pan, where you will stay 2 nights at the Akira Overwater Resort. After dinner we go spotting caimans. Today breakfast, lunch and dinner included.

16th day Friday 28 October 2022 Bigi Pan

The morning starts with a cup of coffee or tea on your balcony at 5.30 am, because by 6.00 am you can watch the birds leave their sleeping place. A special moment to spot the colored Ibises and Egrets! Breakfast will be served at 07:30, after returning from the birding tour. Afterwards you are free to kayak, canoe, fish, swim or just relax. After lunch there is another birding trip around 4.30 pm, to see the birds fly back to their sleeping place. A magical event, where the thousands of birds color the sky. Today breakfast, lunch and dinner included.

17th day Saturday 29 October 2022 Bigi Pan Paramaribo

After the second night, you will leave the Bigi Pan nature reserve after breakfast. We sail back to Nickerie for a city tour. After lunch we leave for Paramaribo, visiting the places Wageningen and Coronie on the way. You will come back richer in Paramaribo around 18.00 with a beautiful experience..
Today breakfast, lunch are included.

18th day: Sunday 30 October 2022 Day off

Today a day off that you can fill in yourself, grab a terrace or enjoy the resort is of course possible. Breakfast included today.

19e day Monday 31 October 2022 Warapakreek

During this tour you will hear the history of the Bakkie plantation. Old sugar mills in the jungle, wells and locks, you will experience all that on this one. A small museum will certainly surprise you. Today breakfast and lunch included.

20e day Tuesday, November 1, 2022 Departure for the Netherlands.

You still have the morning free for your own use. Then transfer to Paramaribo airport and check-in for the return trip to the Netherlands. Breakfast included today.

21e day Wednesday 2 November 2022: Amsterdam

Arrival at Schiphol Airport.


  • Transfer from the airport to the hotel vv in air-conditioner bus(es)
  • 2 nights in the lodge of Frederiks village based on a double occupancy
  • 3 nights Anaula based on a double occupancy
  • 2 nights Overbridge based on double occupancy
  • 2 nights Akira Bigi Pan based on double occupancy
  • 1 night Peperpot based on double occupancy
  • All excursions and tours are accompanied by a Dutch-speaking guide
  • The meals as processed in the above itinerary: 19x breakfast, 15x lunch & 11x dinner
  • All entrance fees during the various excursions
  • 9 nights in Jacana Wellness hotel based on double occupancy

Not included

  • Entrance Fee 25 euros from July 1, 2022
  • Insurances
  • gratuities
From €2.946
/ Adult
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