Brownsberg Nature Park - 1 Day

A nature park a few hours' drive from Paramaribo. During the tour to the 12,000-hectare Brownsberg nature park, you will be introduced to a large part of the range of flora and fauna that the Surinamese rainforest has to offer in just one day. Perhaps, under the loud roar of the monkeys, you can take walks to idyllic waterfalls and mountain streams and enjoy magnificent views of the tropical rain forest and the Brokopondo reservoir. Staying in hammocks, camps or lodges, a beautiful view of the jungle and the reservoir, climbing from the mountain, scrambling and enjoying the beautiful waterfalls and creeks. He who listens carefully hears a monkey; if you pay attention, you can even see one swing! At a height of 500 meters lies the Mazaroni plateau with a unique view over the mountains and the Van Blommenstein reservoir. The view of the mountains with its impressive foliage looks like a painting with many green hues.

Day 1

The approximately 130 km is covered by a mini-bus in approximately 2 hours on a partly asphalted and partly unpaved bauxite road. In the morning we leave from Paramaribo via the Afobakkaweg to Brownsberg with an air-conditioned bus. Along the way you can already enjoy the vegetation and you will be told about the savannah landscape and the authentic villages that are being driven by. Arriving in the nature park, we venture a walk to the Leo and Irenevallen. A cooling shower of the wonderful spring water is definitely worth it! You will be lulled to sleep by the many sounds of nature. The guide will guide you from Paramaribo to the nature park, which sits at an altitude of 500 m in the jungle area south of Paramaribo. The Brownsberg Nature Park has an area of 12,000 hectares and a range of bio-diversity. This tour is suitable for every day of the year.

Activities that are done on such a tour are walks to the waterfalls through the jungle trails, animal spotting, information about the area and bio-diversity. You have the option of taking a shower under the waterfalls. The Leoval, Ireneval or Koemboeval are the most visited places on the Brownsberg as well as the Mazaroni plateau for an excellent view of the tropical rainforest and reservoir. A spicy walk to the Wittiekreek or a walk to the Koemboe or Mazaronieval is on the program. A nice walk through the tropical rain forest with the reward of a refreshing dip in the water of the creek or under the fall.


  • Transport
  • guide
  • entrance
  • lunch
  • non alcoholic beverage
  • snack
  • fruit
  • Good running shoes
  • Swimwear
  • Towel
  • Hat / cap
  • Raincoat / poncho
  • Sunscreen
  • Passport
  • Backpack
  • Surinamese money
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65 Per Person
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65 Per Adult
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