Anaula Nature Resort - 4 Days


The Anaula Nature Resort is located on a wooded island of ± 12 hectares (ha) at the foot of the Ferulassi Falls. About 2 ha of the island has been used for the design of the resort, the rest 9 ha is still pure tropical rainforest. There are trails on the island, allowing you to make your own forest walk. A walk around the island takes around 30 minutes. The island is approximately 170 km away from the capital Paramaribo and can be reached in around 4 hours and 1 hour by boat. You can also reach the Anaula Nature Resort by plane. A domestic flight from Paramaribo to the nearby airstrip Ladoani takes about 45 minutes. From Ladoani you can sail to the Anaula Nature Resort in 10 minutes.

Upper Suriname

The Upper Suriname area, in which the Anaula Nature Resort is located, is known for its unique Maroon culture and its virgin Amazon rainforest. The Maroons, descendants of runaway slaves, settled long ago in the inaccessible interior, where they built up a new life. Because of their isolated way of life, a completely unique culture developed with strong African influences. Maroon villages such as Ladoani, Gunsi, New Aurora and Jaw Jaw are situated in the vicinity of the Anaula Nature Resort. The women in their colorful robes, the children playing on the waterfront in contrast with the purity of the tropical rainforest, create a breathtaking scene. The Maroons are proud of their culture and would like to introduce you to their fascinating way of life. Anaula Nature Resort currently has around 16 detached lodges, all of which offer beautiful views of the river. These lodges offer accommodation for 2 to 5 people per lodge and all have four-poster beds with mosquito nets, comfortable furniture, bathroom with (cold water) shower and toilet and a private veranda. Baby beds and baby dining chairs are available at the resort for our youngest guests. Guests with a sleep apnea are also welcome. Anaula has batteries and inverters available to use your device, so you can enjoy a good night's sleep. Electricity is available from 6.30 p.m. to 11 p.m. In that time you can recharge your batteries etc. in your own lodge. The Anaula Nature Resort has a number of facilities that our guests can use as required:: Swimming pool: Anaula Nature Resort has a swimming pool. The swimming pool with a large plateau around the pool, is located right next to the restaurant and is equipped with umbrellas and comfortable loungers and benches.  Spacious dining room with cocktail bar: Anaula has a spacious dining room that can seat around 40 people. From the dining room you have a direct view of the swimming pool. For our guests who enjoy a drink during their stay, the bar offers a solution. A wide range of alcoholic beverages are available at the bar, such as beer, (Chilean) wines, Gin, Martini, Rum, Baileys, Vodka, Campari etc. ferentie Conference room: A modern conference room is situated away from the lodges, which can accommodate up to 40 people. people. The conference room is equipped with air-conditioning and modern audio-visual equipment. The conference room is available for companies, organizations and professional groups who wish to organize meetings, workshops, team building and brainstorming sessions, etc. in the interior of Suriname.

  • The catering is determined in consultation with the customer. You can choose from a range of snacks and drinks.
  • Lounge: The lounge with wooden floors, comfortable wicker sofas with thick cushions makes it complete to enjoy your stay at Anaula Nature Resort in a quiet, relaxing manner.
  • Yoga platform
  • Hammock camp: During a visit to Anaula Nature Resort you can relax in one of our hammock camps. From your hammock you have a beautiful view over the river and you can enjoy nature in peace.
  • Scaffolding
  • Playground: It has been found that many families with young children visit Anaula. To further cater to this target group, an outdoor playground has been set up, equipped with swings, slides, climbing and climbing equipment. So plenty of fun for the children to play

The Anaula Nature Resort offers a wide range of activities and excursions that you can participate in during your stay. The program components are included as standard in our packages, with the exception of the Tapawatra day excursion:

  • Forest walk: The educational forest walk introduces you to the best kept secrets of the tropical rain forest, such as the local medicinal use of plants and trees.
  • Caiman tour: During this exciting night-time excursion that lasts approximately 1 1/2 hours, you will look for caimans per canoe. During this nocturnal sailing excursion you can usually also enjoy a beautiful starry sky.
  • Village walk: You will not soon forget a visit to a Maroon village. The hospitable Maroon population is proud of its culture and would like to introduce you to their age-old customs and customs.
  • Cultural dance show: You should not miss the cultural dance show with traditional Saramaccan singing and dancing. Dances such as the Seketi, Awasa and Bandamba will be performed for you. The cultural dance evening is not offered to a number of guests of 7 or less.
  • Tapawatra Sula: During this full day excursion you will visit the mighty Tapawatra rapids. Here you can enjoy a nice picnic and a natural bubble bath. The Tapawatra is located at the confluence of the Pikin Rio, the Gran Rio and the UpperSuriname river. If the time is available, you will visit the residence of the granman (chief) of the Saramaccaners in Asidonhopo with a possible reception of the granman. The price of this day excursion is: 50 euros (minimum number of participants 6 people). It is not recommended to carry out this excursion at high water level, since the Tapawatra sula will then disappear completely below the water level.


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