With regard to the current situation regarding Covid-19, these booking conditions no longer apply until September 2020. Feel free to ask for our adjusted booking conditions.

Travel conditions

  1. All Suriname Tours can only rely on the absence of travel conditions on this form.
  2. All trips are subject to availability and possibly. rate changes.
  3. All Suriname Tours is not liable for the consequences arising from material provided by third parties as well as non-complied travel and accident insurance.
  4. After bookings and confirmations of the trip you will receive a bill with accompanying information.
  5. Upon receipt of the confirmation you must pay a deposit of 25% by return.
  6. In the case of a last minute booking, the entire travel sum must be paid immediately after confirmation.
  7. The duration of the trip is stated in whole days, with the days of departure and arrival being considered as whole days.
  8. The traveler must be in possession of the necessary proof of vaccinations and vaccinations upon departure and during the journey.
  9. All Suriname tours is not liable for any consequences arising from: the omission of vaccinations and vaccinations prior to the trip to Suriname.
  10. The traveler cannot hold All Suriname Tours liable for any damage resulting from limited transport facilities, means of communication and medical assistance.
  11. The traveler must take out suitable travel and accident insurance and cancellation insurance at his own expense.
  12. All Suriname Tours also reserves the right to make changes to the travel program in the event of force majeure situations / unforeseen circumstances or for safety reasons.
  13. The following costs will be charged when canceling your trip.
  14. In case of cancellation of a tour, 10 to 15 days before departure, not including day of departure, a fee of 5% of the travel sum is due. For cancellations 5 to 9 days before departure, 25% of the travel sum is due and for cancellation shorter than 3 days, the full travel sum.

Privacy conditions

  1. By using our website and when making bookings, you agree to the cookies we use to make our website work as well as possible.
  2. All data sent to you via our website is encrypted with SSL encryption.
  3. We only store your data if necessary and if you want us to delete all your data you can contact us directly via the contact form.
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